Vacation Days/Personal Days/Illness Guidelines

All residents receive 20 working days of time off each year to be used for vacation, illness, and personal business. Any time taken in excess of 20 days must be made up at the end of the residency prior to graduation from the residency program. Ten (10) days of vacation must be used by January 31; time not taken by January 31 or June 30 deadlines will be lost.

All residents/fellows are eligible for 20 days time off. It is at the discretion of the individual program to determine how many days are designated for personal time or educational conference time. All vacation time must be approved in advance by your Program Director. Vacation time does not accumulate, and must be used before the next July 1st date. If more than 20 days are taken by any resident their program will be extended in order to fulfill the ACGME requirements.

Resident Educational Funds

Each resident has $750 per year to be used for educational purposes. This may be used for meetings, books, or other academic expenses. Original receipts are required for reimbursement. All receipts must be turned in within 45 days or there will be no reimbursement from WSU. Spending "future" educational funds before the start of the next academic year is prohibited. The educational funds use is limited to books, CME sponsored meetings, or purchase of a dermascope.

Resident Travel Policy

Attendance for scientific conferences must be approved by the Program Director or Chairman in advance. Expenses for scientific conferences in which the resident is presenting will be reimbursed. A summary of expected expenses should be turned into the Program Coordinator as well as the Program Director or Chairman prior to registration. This summary should include the registration fee, estimated air travel, and estimated hotel expenses.

Expenses will be reimbursed as follows:

  • Registration fee in full
  • Travel expenses up to a maximum airfare of $400 per round trip ticket
  • Hotel expenses/meals/per diem at $150 per day maximum

After travel has been completed, receipts need to be submitted to the Program Coordinator within 45 days of completion of travel for reimbursement.